Day Care: Social Skills and Early Education

Day Care Social Skills and Early Education

In Pennsylvania, about half a million children need daycare or babysitting, so that their parents can join the workforce and provide for their family. It’s understandable that a lot of daycare facilities have opened up to fill this need. But not all facilities are the same, and the responsibility to find the right daycare for their children falls on the parents.

One problem is that a lot of parents take a very simplistic view of early child care. It’s a demanding job, of course, but they think that most of a child’s early days are just about keeping them fed, cleaning up after them, and keeping an eye on them. So naturally, when they look for daycare, that’s all they look for. Though this, in a way, is a harmless way of thinking, it can deny your child some of the benefits of early education and social development that they can get in the right facility.

Social Skills

Preschool Children

A daycare facility provides a perfect environment for developing a child’s social skills. It’s a controlled environment, and if the care providers and teachers in the facility are trained and intuitive in this regard, they can help instill the right habits in kids. 

If children are spending the better part of their waking hours in a facility with other kids, also in their formative years, they can be nudged in the right direction in their organic social interaction. Children can be taught to empathize, care about others, mingle, be communicative, comfortable talking to a large group, and control their emotions. The last one is a bit difficult to instill because children are overly emotional beings, but a little discipline at an early age goes a long way.

Teachers can also observe how children are communicating with each other. Those who can’t form words yet, how do they call out, do they wait or immediately seek attention? Even focusing on something as simple as letting children solve their own problems, instead of rushing in to help (something overly affectionate parents have a problem with), can help develop a stronger character in a child.

Good care providers and teachers in a daycare facility can create a powerful impact on a child’s early social development. So when you are considering a daycare facility, ask about things like how do they resolve disputes among children and what kind of activities they conduct with children that are focused on social interaction.

Early Education

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Children under the age of eight are usually considered in their “formative years.” They are called formative for a reason. Children develop many of their early cognitive abilities, social and interpersonal skills, and physical traits in these years. Kids pick up a lot of things in these years, and if they are properly “educated,” it could be instrumental in honing their inner strengths. 

Younger children learn a lot from the toys they are given, or the games they play with other kids or activities they do with their teachers and babysitters. In the right facility, a child is likely to get exposed to a multitude of things, skills, or subjects, which will make it easier for them to find what they love doing most. Even simple and basic toys, the ones that children have been playing with for decades, can be used to teach children a plethora of different things. If you like to leverage technology, there are even toys that help teach children that are about five, learn about computer programming.


The right child care facility can be the difference between a constructive childhood and a place where your child simply spends their time when you are out working. Daycare facilities, especially ones that work in conjunction with pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, tend to be more than just safe havens for your child. They are places that build foundations for children’s education and personality.

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