Message From Our Director

Dear Parents,


Early Childhood Education has been improving dramatically over the past decade. Study after study has shown that a quality preschool education will have a positive impact on the development of a young child and have tremendous benefits in a child’s formal education. Further studies show that 95% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of five years old. This is another reason why preschool is so important. Parents are looking for those programs that can meet these standards.

Our continuous goal at Jeffersonville Country Day School (JCDS) is to make your child’s preschool education the most beneficial experience of their early learning years. We offer a high quality, well-rounded program that meets the needs of all areas of development and has a curriculum that provides growth in social, emotional, and intellectual learning. Offering such a program that has a balance of free expression play activities, along with a structured academic program, will give your child a well-rounded and nurturing early education experience.

Jeffersonville Country Day School has educational programs for infants through kindergarten. Enrollment is accepted on a two-day to five-day basis, with options for full days or half-day programs that end at noontime. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how our programs will meet the needs of your child and provide peace of mind for parents. We look forward to helping you understand more about JCDS and becoming part of our diversified, educational community.

Lawrence Brown, MLD

Larry Brown JCDS Director

The kindergarten/pre-k experience is the stage where social, physical, and cognitive skills will begin influencing your child’s lifetime experiences…

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