How to Get Children Involved In Spring Cleaning

A young girl cleaning shelves.

Getting your kids to participate and help out with spring cleaning can be a very challenging task. However, if you add a little fun to the cleaning, the whole process becomes a lot easier. Let’s take a look at how you can get children involved in spring cleaning.


Play Some Music

Nothing makes time pass faster and puts everyone in a better mood than some dynamic and upbeat music. Your kids can dance around and sing their way while cleaning up the place and you can do the same. This simple trick can turn the tiresome task of cleaning into something fun and wholesome.


Slip and Slide

You can play the game of slip and slide while cleaning and sweeping your hardwood floor. Get your kids to wear an old pair of socks and pants and get ready to mop those floors. Just make sure that there are no sharp edges or any breakable items nearby to avoid unfortunate accidents.


Clockwise and Anticlockwise

Show your kids how to clean the doors and windows by using the clockwise and anticlockwise techniques. Grab a damp cloth or a towel and start swiping in both directions while singing and humming so that your kids learn to follow you. It will test your child’s ability to follow directions, help to maintain their coordination, and boost their stamina.


Play Follow the Leader

Give each of your children a cleaning agent, a cloth, and a broom. Tell them that you are playing a game where one person acts as a leader and others are supposed to follow. The leader gets to stop at random spots and clean the place while others have to follow. This is a fun way to get them to clean a space, and if you plan it correctly, you can even get them to clean a whole room.


Assign Easy Chores

Assigning a task that is too difficult or complex for your child will discourage them from even trying to accomplish it. Therefore, you should focus on assigning easy, age-appropriate chores for your children. For example, if your children are very young, you can ask them to feed the pet, water the plants, organize shoes, or wipe the table. If they are around 10-12 years of age, you can get them involved in wiping down the shelves and cabinets and even cleaning up the kitchen.


Encourage Them

This is a positive reinforcement technique where you use encouraging sentences and focus on your kids’ successes. Always make sure that you pay attention to the positive things of your child to make them feel more confident. That way, they will be more interested in finishing a particular task.



Getting your children to help out during spring cleaning develops a sense of responsibility within them, and they realize that cleaning is an important chore that they must do. Here are some other tips from us.


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