Holiday Sweater or Shirt Day

Monday, December 14th – Holiday Sweater/Shirt Day – Wear a holiday sweater or shirt    

Jingle Bells Day

Tuesday, December 15th – Jingle Bells Day – Wear something “jingly”

Grinch and Santa Day – Gift Exchange

Wednesday, December 16th – Grinch Day - Wear red and/or green. Santa is also coming for a visit today!   Gift exchange is happening today also. Boys bring a boy's present and girls should bring a girl's present.

Silly Sock Day

Thursday, December 17th – Silly Sock Day – Wear holiday socks or a mismatched pair.

Pajama Day

Friday, December 18th – Pajama Day – Wear holiday or winter pajamas to school.

School Closed – Staff Training

JCDS will be closed on Friday, March 12th for a staff in-service training day. We will complete our trauma training from Lakeside Global Institute.