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Daycare East Norriton, PA

Giving you  ‘Peace of Mind’ while you work

Dedicated Quality Daycare

Our daycare staff has a combined experience of more than 25 years. With a 3 to 1 child to teacher ratio and a program that follows your baby’s schedule, you will know that your baby is receiving the highest quality care.

Pre-Toddler Day Care

This is your child’s first big step into learning and socializing with other children. Our small class size allows for individualized attention which will build your child’s self-esteem and benefit their development.


Your child will be encouraged to explore and learn in a nurturing environment that includes shape and color recognition, language development, creative movement, art exploration, problem solving, and free play.

Preschool Day Care

We often hear “Is my child ready to begin preschool?” or “Should I wait another year?” When preschool comes to mind, starting at age three seems to be the general consensus to being their educational experience. Let us know how we can help you make this important decision.

Pre-Kindergarten Day Care

We offer 3, 4, or 5 day enrollment. Our program is ideal for the child that misses the Kindergarten date cut off or is looking for a challenging 4 year-old program before entering kindergarten.

Kindergarten Day Care

We have made the commitment to prepare our students for the upcoming challenges in public and private schools. To do this we offer a structured full-day program with small class size to provide an excellent student to teacher ratio that enables more one-on-one learning.

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WhyJCDS Daycare?

Teachers and school administrators across the United States are preparing the education of today’s children for the next millennium. Jeffersonville Country Day School has made the commitment to prepare our students for the upcoming challenge.

With a structured full-day program, our small class size provides an excellent teacher/student ratio that enables more one-on-one learning. Our dedicated, experienced teachers provide lots of encouragement in a stable and consistent environment.

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Give Your Child The Best Daycare Experience in East Norriton, PA

Our school is situated on an acre of maintained lawns and natural wooded areas. Children can enjoy the school’s natural surroundings through nature studies and outside play. Our facility offers a clean, warm, home-like environment which is equipped with the most up-to-date learning materials and safest toys. Three spaciously enclosed play areas with individual, as well as, group interaction toys encourage children’s active play, socialization and large muscle development.

Indoor Play Areas

At Jeffersonville Country Day School we offer a safe, clean and fun environment for your children to enjoy, learn and grow. Providing you peace of mind while you’re at work, knowing your child is safe, having fun, and learning is what sets us apart.

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Activities To Promote Safety

We turn safety into a fun activity for your children. Visits from the local fire company, police and ambulance teach your children that first responders are not scary and are there to help.

We also have activities built around the holidays and sometimes just because they’re fun.

Jeffersonville Day Care Field Trip Activity

Day Care Friendships

We provide opportunities for children to experience all the aspects of friendship, which are beneficial to their overall development and learning. Making friends can be hard, especially for young children who may not know how to share their feelings or emotions with others.

We have parents now that are still friends from Jeffersonville Country Day School and now bring their kids here. Start building your child’s lifelong friendships with us.

Jeffersonville CDS Friendship

Child Development

Daycare isn’t just about having fun and expending energy. We understand that structure and education are just as important as having fun. Our curriculum is designed to expand your child’s imagination and provide them with the answers to their questions.

We are proud of our school’s Keystone Rating for daycares. Our yearly evaluation gives us nearly perfect rating, every year!

Day Care Rating PA | Keystone Stars

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