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Message from the Director

Dear Parents,

Teachers and school administrators across the country are continually revising the education requirements to meet the ever-changing needs of our future students. We, at Jeffersonville Country Day School, have made the commitment to prepare our students for this upcoming challenge. Our full-day kindergarten/pre-k program, which allows for a balance of free expression play activities, along with a structured academic program, will give your child a well rounded and nurturing early education experience.

The kindergarten/pre-k experience is the stage where social, physical, and cognitive skills will begin influencing your child’s lifetime experiences...

The kindergarten/pre-k experience is the stage where social, physical, and cognitive skills will begin influencing your child’s lifetime experiences and help your child develop a stronger foundation for making sense of their environment. Our goal is to promote positive attitudes, high self-esteem, and social responsibilities that will enhance your child’s ability to develop to his/her fullest potential, while challenging your child with experiences that will allow for critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, memory development and factual knowledge.

With a well-rounded program involving hands-on experiences, we feel our curriculum will challenge your child and create a desire for future learning along with developing the basic skills needed for learning at the elementary school level. Below is a summary of the components of our curriculum.

Reading Readiness provides for oral language development, letter and sound recognition, classifying, and sequencing events. It is the foundation for the most important skill your child will need for future growth and knowledge.

Scott Foresman Mathematics emphasizes problem solving, active learning, and practice, while preparing the students for the experiences where math plays an increasingly important role in their lives.

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting uses an easy step-by-step approach to teach handwriting, so that students develop a solid foundation skill that encourages and supports all of their writing, reading and assessment efforts.

Discover The Wonder (Science) is a hands-on curriculum with engaging activities that will teach process skills, how things work, environmental awareness, and the relationship of science to other areas of study.

Here We Go (Social Studies) helps teach your child about one’s self and the world around him/ her through classroom discussions and student activity books. Important social studies concepts, learning skills, and social skills are carefully introduced and reinforced to encourage students in this area.

As a private school, we offer this program and continue to provide for the education, safety, and welfare of your child throughout the day. If you have any questions about the kindergarten/pre-k program (class hours are 9:00AM to 3:00PM), or would like to learn more about the subjects, please contact me. As always, thank you for your trust in our caring for your child.

Larry Brown